Heating oil additives can prolong the life expectancy of your fuel oil tank. 

Many heating oil additives contain agents which in fact helps dissolve built up of carbon and other elements that can cause destruction to your heating system.  Using the right heating oil additive can help prolong life expectancy of your fuel oil tank, help your burner run more efficiently and save on fuel costs.

Condensation can build up in your oil tank and over time find its way into your heating system through the fuel line.  Water can accumulate causing fuel lines to rust and damage vital parts of your heating system.  There are not many heating oil additives that will help in preventing this sort of potential problem.

If you have a heating oil tank inside or buried outside your home, there is a good chance that you have sludge at the bottom of your fuel tank.  Receiving a fuel delivery when your oil tank is close to empty can stir up sediment that has deposited there over time.

Sludge accumulates each and every time you receive a fuel delivery.  Heating oil additives such as sludge eliminators can help reduce the sediment lurking at the bottom of your tank.  Reducing sludge can surely help with nasty clogs especially when the tank is close to empty.

Pilgrim Oil Group's president, John Cardinale, released an internal statement last week indicating the company is in the process of formulating its own heating oil additive.  The company is in the developmental stages working with an independent laboratory to produce
a non toxic organic oil additive.  Pilgrim believes this heating oil additive will have the properties consumers need to maintain a cleaner and less problematic oil tank.

There are proactive measures consumers can take in conjunction with oil additives to help prevent nasty problems and increase burner efficiency.  Pilgrim Oil Group's commitment to outstanding customer service is to provide our members with useful value added benefits that can help them better maintain their heating equipment and fuel oil expenses; our staff is here to assist our members with every question or challenge they may face concerning their heating oil needs.